Will Akbar is a creative Director and freelance videographer with over 7 years in the film and TV industry.

Through the writing, directing, producing and editing of numerous films, Will has gained great experience across the entire film making process from the development and planning of pre production, directing talented teams of cast and crew, to the final delivery stages of post production. Since 2014 Will has also worked as a freelance videographer, collaborating with clients such as Microsoft, University College London, Just Breathe, The Putney Clinic and Yogamamma.

Will is the co-founder of the independent film company, 11:42 Productions, and is the director and co-writer of their early 2019 dark comedy, ‘Folie Marty Me’ starring the companies co-founder and award winning co-writer, Callum McGowan.

Will began a career in the TV and Film industry in Post Production at Molinare in 2011. After being headhunted from the VT department at Molinare to the same role at Lipsync, Will spent a final year in post production before finally making the necessary decision to go freelance and pursue a career as a director.


London, UK